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Program Registration ALFA 4.1

The program allows managing in extremely simple, transparent and convenient way advanced registration in private surgeries (NZOZ), clinics and medical facilities, with possibility of simultaneous (client-server) work on several computers. The program includes private patients and patients from companies with which medical facility, clinic has a contract. It is also perfect in private practice. The program also allows to make entries by doctors on e.g. laptop with ALFA 4.1 running a brief description of the visit, medical examination of the registered patient.
A wszystko to w pełnej kontroli bezpieczeństwa (z prawami bezpieczeństwa) z podziałem na użytkowników systemu: lekarze, recepcjonistki i rejestratorki, pielęgniarki, księgowe i administratorzy systemu oraz inni użytkownicy, których możemy samemu tworzyć.

Do ustania możliwości prowadzenia dokumentacji medycznej w postaci papierowej pozostało:

Źródło (www.csioz.gov.pl)


Available now a long-awaited version of the ALFA 4.1.

Nowe funkcje wprowadzone do wersji ALFA 4.1:

  • 1. Wprowadziliśmy system bezpieczeństwa (z prawami bezpieczeństwa) w postaci kontroli każdego użytkownika systemu (lekarze, recepcjonistki i rejestratorki, pielęgniarki, księgowe i administratorzy systemu oraz dowolni inni użytkownicy, których możemy samemu tworzyć,
  • 2. Dodawanie, edycja i usuwanie użytkowników (kont użytkowników),
  • 3. Dodawanie, edycja i usuwanie grup użytkowników,
  • 4. Przypisywanie grup do kont użytkowników,
  • 5. Przypisywanie lekarzy do kont użytkowników,
  • 6. Dodawanie, edycja i usuwanie praw dostępu,
  • 7. Dowolna konfiguracja bezpieczeństwa dla każdego użytkownika systemu dzięki grupą użytkowników i prawą dostępu,
  • 8. Wprowadziliśmy system poradni - przypisywanie lekarzy do poradni,
  • 9. Dodawanie, edycja i usuwanie poradni,
  • 10. Ustawienie zakresu widoczności lekarzy w zależności od poradni (lekarz widzi w programie tylko siebie, lub tylko lekarzy ze swojej poradni lub wszystkich lekarzy),
  • 11. Usprawniliśmy moduł terminarz o graficzną prezentację dni pracujących, dni wolnych i urlopów lekarzy,
  • 12. Wprowadziliśmy możliwość drukowania dowolnych dokumentów podczas rejestracji pacjentów,
  • 13. Dla wszystkich posiadających wersje programu ALFA 3.5, ALFA 3.0, ALFA 2.5 lub ALFA 2.0, proste uaktualnienie do programu ALFA 4.1, bez utraty danych, z zachowaniem istniejących ustawień,
  • ...


New features introduced in ALFA 3.5:

  • 1. Leave for doctors,
  • 2. The upgraded reports-summaries module for private patients paying in cash and for companies that settle accounts at the end of the month.
  • 3. Quota and rate form of payment for doctors,
  • 4. The system of issuing, storing and printing invoices and bills for each patient taking into account the 5, 8 and 23% VAT rates,
  • 5. For all who have versions of a program: ALFA 3.0, ALFA 2.5, ALFA 2.0 - simple upgrade to ALFA 3.5 without loss of data, preserving existing settings,
  • ...


New features introduced in ALFA 3.0:

  • 1. Placing full details of clinics, medical facility on each print (including: identification code of the health care institution and Organizational unit code of institution,
  • 2. The ability to print summary documentation in the form of visits book,
  • 3. The system of issuing, storing, printing invoices and bills for particular patients,
  • 4. The financial system - cash-quantitative reports,
  • 5. System for safe removal patients, doctors and services/visits,
  • 6. Upgraded summary report module,
  • 7. For all who have versions of a program: ALFA 2.5, ALFA 2.0 simple upgrade to ALFA 3.0 without loss of data, preserving existing settings,
  • Point 1 and 2 - according to the Regulation by the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of 21 December 2006 on the types and scope of medical documentation in health care institutions and the way of its processing [Source (in Polish)],
  • ...

1. Program main window:

2. Doctors module:

3. Patients module:

4. Services module:

5. Schedule and registration module:

6. Financial settlements module:

7. Documents module:

8. Summaries module

9. Settings, backup and login module:

Main features of the program:

  • Adding, editing and deleting patients,
  • Adding, editing and deleting patients health history records,
  • Adding, editing and deleting doctors along with setting their schedule (hours of work) (the possibility of hiring doctors on contract or as company),
  • Adding, editing and deleting services divided into categories with the possibility to assign to them documents (e.g. consent to treatment),
  • Schedule - register patients' appointments to the doctor in advance or with the possibility to register patient at the time of arrival,
  • Registration - registering patients on the day of the visit/service,
  • Adding, editing and deleting companies with which clinic has contract,
  • Reports - Generate monthly, daily and specified period of time reports for doctors, services and businesses and save generated reports to Excel or print them,
  • Preparation of documents and assigning them to services, with the possibility of downloading earlier preprepared documents from Word - internal text editor,
  • Program settings, including determination of the opening hours with the possibility of further amendments,
  • Accounting - calculating wages for doctors in particular day and the daily financial balance sheet,
  • Printing tickets (numbers) for patients during registration on dye-sublimation printer and documents (e.g. consent) and the ability to print health history of patient,
  • Create a backup of all data,
  • Parallel work in the network for several computers by several users,
  • Security system, access to the program only by entering your password,
  • The system is able to process without any problems even more than 10 000 patients, 100 doctors and 500 services,
  • High scalability,
  • Full HelpDesk - Supports more than 150 emergency situations and more than 1,000 warnings - the ability to automatically contact the company to look for solutions,
  • Full EasyUser - system is supplied in the easy program operation option,
  • Takes into account the 23%, 8% and 5% VAT rates,
  • and many other options (including options tailored to the client)
  • ...
  • With version 2.5 of ALFA program we introduced ability to fill brief description by the doctors for the patients registered in registration. Each doctor can in his office on e.g. laptop communicate with the program - the registration server - and enter brief description of the patient's visit, which will be saved in patient's clinical history and available for every user of the program.

Windows 7 Ready - the program is fully compatible with Windows 7.
Windows x64 Ready - the program is fully compatible with 64 bit (x64) Windows operating systems XP, Vista and Windows 7.


Price of the program (PLN)
Demo Demo free, limit for the number of entered: doctors (5 persons), services (10) and patients (5 persons).
FULL (with the program adjustment to your needs) depending on your assumptions

Notes on installing and using the program in the demo version:
1. The database server must be installed on first partition - default configuration,
2. During installation of MySQL 4.0.18 database server and MyODBC 3.51 program choose default vallues,
3. To generate reports it is necessary that Excel was installed on computer,
4. In Windows VISTA and Windows 7 the full functionality of the program (backup option) needs execution of the program with administrator rights (right click and run as administrator option).

Download ALFA 4.1 demo
- available now

We would appreciate any sugestions to the program!

The program must be downloaded and installed!

Flying screens
File: ALFA4.1.exe
Date: 2012-03-23
Size: 30,9 MB
System: Windows


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