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KatMPBSoft is seeking candidates for the position: Web developer


Ability to create sophisticated websites, online shops and web portals;
Very good knowledge of PHP 4 and 5;
Very good knowledge of MySQL 5.0 and 5.1;
Very good knowledge of SQL databases;
Knowledge of Linux and Apache to create websites, online shops and portals;
Ability to create web pages (HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT);
E-commerce - very good knowledge of web application architecture;
Approach to programming with passion and commitment.

Other advantages:

Ability to independently perform projects from start to the end (important);
Willingness to learn and self-development, openness to new technologies;
Ability to work with other developers.


Stand-alone workstation;
Stability of employment - long-term cooperation;
Opportunity for professional development;
Using the latest technology and tools;
Access to the latest literature and periodicals;
Work in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with the owner and other developers;
Convenient working hours.


Welcome students, developers and telework programmers.

Interested candidates please send your CV (with photo), cover letter, examples of your work and information about financial expectations to: marekbilski@katmpbsoft.pl.
Each application will not be unanswered.


Telework application programmer
How work looks in my company.
You create programs for me, each commision is by the way of signing new contract of service. One project, one contract. Before signing a contract I send you detailed program specification (if it were necessary), you analyze it, ask questions and gives me price for how much can you make this project. I make decision, whether I stop on the proposed by you price and other conditions, if so, proceed to implementation, if not then I give you next program specification etc. Some programs I need with source code (most), others not (only .exe or other file to run) - all is stated in the contract. After finishing program by you all copyright are transfered to my company. I put emphasis not on the execution time (here I am flexible) but on the correctness of the program, the program must be error-free and compliant with the specification.
Of course I also need two or three sample programs (.exe or installer - one click to run) with source codes written by you (here I also prepare a confidentiality agreement, in which I undertake that programs and source codes received from you will serve me only for evaluation of your skills - only if you consider this appropriate). This is the most important thing for me and mainly determines my decision about cooperation. Please also send me your CV (with photo) and information in which fileld of programming you specialize.
Attencion - All programs must be made in program suites with licence.


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