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JS automobile biuro@jsautomobile.pl   Recommendation (in Polish)

"JS automobile is working with company KatMPBSoft Marek Bilski based in Os. Jana III Sobieskiego 22/173, Poznań (60-688) in a wide range of programming services. In May 2009 we started cooperation, which continues to this day. KatMPBSoft keeps their assigned task. During our co-operation we met with proffesional service and insight into our proffesional needs. Our requirements, comments or suggestions are implemented in accordance with the assumptions. We would like to express our satisfaction with the overall cooperation with the KatMPBSoft and we hope for its further fruitful continuation. KatMPBSoft is recommended business partner that provides comprehensive services in the field of programming services.

, www.tz24.net
kontakt@tanie-zakwaterowanie.net   Recommendation


PW Gama S.C.
PW Gama S.C.

"No recommendation available"


"No recommendation available"

WebGlobal WebGlobal

"Everything OK. Program works without problems, very quick realisation. I recommend."

Lecznica Natolińska NZOZ
klinikanatolinska@gmail.com  Recommendation


NZOZ Poradnia dla Osób z Autyzmem

"No recommendation available"


"No recommendation available"

Fundacja Promocji Inicjatyw Stomatologicznych

"No recommendation available"


"Everything OK, nice contact, I recommend!"

NZOZ "SAMED" Poradnia Stomatologiczna
nzozsamed@o2.pl  Recommendation (in Polish)

"The program meets our expectations, minor changes tailored to the needs of our office has been carefully done. We could always count on help in the program implementation in our clinic - patiently and factly explained how to deal with the problem. Great contact and really excellent program. Professionalism! Highly recommended! NZOZ "SAMED" Dental clinic"

Lecznica Life-med

"No recommendation available"

fablook@fablook.pl  Recommendation

"-------> The program rose to the occasion, it was tailored to our needs. Express service in case of problems.... Truly recommend :) ................................................... fabLOOK ( shoes at the time, and of the price ........ - Footwear at the time, and of price........ )"

pawellulek@wp.pl  Recommendation (in Polish)

"The program meets my expectations. You have done good job which will simplify my time-consuming job. I am very impressed and I admire you for your patience and contribution of time it has been devoted making of this program. Without hesitation I can say you are an expert in the field you represent."


"Product conform to the description - it works without problems. I recommend interested because it is worth it"

BOB Bożena Buchowiecka




KOMPUTERING - Grzegorz Maturski
  maxmat@poczta.onet.pl  Recommendation (in Polish)

"A fully professional service of writing program reading data from CD
and DVD. I recommend in 100% this programmer, because realization and aid was given in express pace. Also assistance on topics related in lesser extent to the project was given. Very nice contact, professional service, what more can I add, ass a client I am very satisfied..."

Dariusz Szydłak sponge82@o2.pl

"I highly recommed - to the previously made program I bought the source code, of course everything quick and professional. I RECOMMEND. Everything OK, quick, fast and professional....100% satisfaction, greet"

Anna Lenartowicz lenartowicz_anna@op.pl

"Big positive, quick contact. Professionalism. I recommend!!!!!!!"

Michał Baranowski bolsze@gmail.com

"Application fulfilled my expectations, simple and understandable code, 100% professionalism. I wish further success in programming field."

Roman Wyrobek romecky@interia.pl

"Very good program. Well writen, competent help and quick term and delivery. I recommend"

Adrian Wójcik adrian.wojcik@dymicom.pl

"Work with this man is true pleasure. Program writen professionally with no errors. Sensationally works and is what it was supposed to be. Professionally and at the same time inexpensive. I recommend to all."

Jakub Bomba jakubek@voila.fr

"The program is 100% like it was supposed to be and to me it is the most important. I enjoy visual design - program looks very nicely. In terms of operation, it cannot be accused of anything, no surprises, freezes."

Dariusz Szydłak sponge82@o2.pl

"Thank you for program implementation i ordered, it fulfilled my expectations and was made even more interesting than I expected. Thank you again for quick and efficient contact and quick order realization."

Kornel Szymanowski k0rnello@wp.pl

"Professionalism, job done on time, program written legibly, descriptions showing the way program works, I fully recommend. You know how to do project to be fully satisfactory, highly recommend - greet Kornel Szymanowski."

Michał Baranowski bolsze@gmail.com

"Application fulfilled my expectations, simple and understandable code, 100% professionalism. I wish further success in programming field."

Sławomir Bicki biba1982@o2.pl

"The program was delivered in agred time, works flawlessly, fullfilled my expectations, I recommend."

Sebastian Sady seboola@wp.pl

"Professional and quick. Very good contact. All in accordance with the contract."

Jacek Goryczka Jacek_85@wp.pl

"Written program works flawlessly. The whole algorithm (although difficult) is written in plain and understandable language - that is what I expected. It was enough for me to analyze the program twice and know how the next steps of program works. I highly recommend and greet!!!"

Tomasz Więsik tom200@poczta.onet.pl

"I recommend. Honest Allegro.pl user and good at writing informatic programs."

Krzysztof Kosmala kosmowski500@o2.pl

"Very good contact, professional at what he does, I am very satisfied with co-operation. I highly reccomend ordering projects at this Allegro user.!!!"

Marek Hładuński na0ch@o2.pl

"Quick and without problems. I strongly recommend!!!"

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Marek Bilski: You have a question? Please write to me.. 6482213

Marek Bilski: You have a question? Please write to me.. KatMPBSoft

  01/07/11 - Starting from 01/07/11 all news will be posted on Facebook - tab Facebook in the right bottom corner.

  01/07/11 - Last update: 1st July 2011.

  01/07/11 - NEW - eCOMMERCE - PHP, MySQL - our own innovative solutions without ready-made solutions (Including Administrator Panels).
WEB 2.0, AJAX, GOOGLE MAP API, WebAPI (Allegro).

  01/07/11 - We are looking for programmers (Delphi, C++, Java, C#) and web developers (PHP, MySQL, SQLLITE, eCOMMERCE) - telework in KatMPBSoft.

  01/07/11 - KAPPA 1.1 demo is available in Program KAPPA section.

  01/07/11 - ALFA 3.0 demo is available in Program ALFA section.

  01/07/11 - DZETA 1.1 demo and DZETA 2.0 demo are available in Program DZETA section.

  01/07/11 - DELTA 3.6 demo is available in Program DELTA section.

  01/07/11 - BETA 3.0 demo is available in Made programs section.
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