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Sample program made by us:

Program BETA 3.0

Service program of YYY company

The program for the complex support of the complany YYY.

Main features of the program:

  • Adding, editing and deleting clients,
  • Adding, editing and deleting sale sets to the customer,
  • Adding, editing and deleting prices in price-lists,
  • Adding, editing and deleting products in the product database,
  • Ultra-fast search customers by name,
  • Searching products in the databases of products by sections, section and name of the product,
  • The possibility to set your own settings in the program, including: setting column widths according to screen resolution,
  • Work of the program depends on the chosen work mode,
  • Adding (including adding in the middle), editing and deleting entries in the various sale sets,
  • Printing a selected sale sets.
  • Adding searched products to sale sets,
  • Save sale sets,
  • Advanced calulator based on 7 price-lists, 14 product databases and 4 program work modes,
  • Professional graphic design,
  • Print preview,
  • Sending data from program to Word document,
  • Sending data from program to pdf file,
  • Takes into account 23%, 8%, 5% VAT tax rates,
  • Automatic extension of structural elements,
  • Organize items by sections in sale sets,
  • Database for sale sets notes,
  • Automating cross-sectional pricing,
  • Enhanced context menu.

Download demo version of BETA 3.0
- available now

We would appreciate any sugestions to the program!

The program must be downloaded and installed!

Flying screens
File: BETA3.0.exe
Date: 2011-01-01
Size: 1,25 MB
System: Windows

Sample website made by us:

Website Lecturers - Students.

Website for communication between Students and Lecturer.

Main features of the website:

  • Logging In and Out of lecturers and students,
  • Viewing your schedule by lecturers and students,
  • Grading students by the lecturers,
  • Review of evaluations received from teachers by the students,
  • Uploading and deleting didactic materials (files) to server by the teachers,
  • Downloading didactic materials (files) by the students.
  • Sending messages between teachers and students.

Website (in Polish) is available at:

Lecturer Student
login: W_A login: WojcikA
password: p password: a

UML Documentation (in Polish) for the website: Teachers - Students is strictly protected by copyright.

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Marek Bilski: You have a question? Please write to me.. KatMPBSoft

  01/07/11 - Starting from 01/07/11 all news will be posted on Facebook - tab Facebook in the right bottom corner.

  01/07/11 - Last update: 1st July 2011.

  01/07/11 - NEW - eCOMMERCE - PHP, MySQL - our own innovative solutions without ready-made solutions (Including Administrator Panels).
WEB 2.0, AJAX, GOOGLE MAP API, WebAPI (Allegro).

  01/07/11 - We are looking for programmers (Delphi, C++, Java, C#) and web developers (PHP, MySQL, SQLLITE, eCOMMERCE) - telework in KatMPBSoft.

  01/07/11 - KAPPA 1.1 demo is available in Program KAPPA section.

  01/07/11 - ALFA 3.1 demo is available in Program ALFA section.

  01/07/11 - DZETA 1.1 demo and DZETA 2.0 demo are available in Program DZETA section.

  01/07/11 - DELTA 3.6 demo is available in Program DELTA section.

  01/07/11 - BETA 3.0 demo is available in Made programs section.
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